Liquid Proust Oolberry

he wet leaves have a fresh, leafy smell. They are still attached to the stems, which have a vibrant brown color. They offer a great compliment to the vibrant green of the leaves. All of the leaves are consistent in color and size.

he wet leaves have a VERY light spinach air with a light floral smell. They are a beautiful green color and the branches retained their vibrant brown. The leaves are around an inch each, consistently. They should easily stand another three or four infusions.

he liquor is yellow, with a light spinach air. There is a slightly spinach taste that is sweet. There is a note that is almost astringent, but not quite there.

verall, it was good! I would buy, drink and recommend. However, there is no real berry taste. Just a great oolong.
Here is where you can find it:

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