How I Found Out There Is No Santa

Before I started going to school, I was in a daycare. Like most kids, my mom would drop me off and go to work.

The first time she dropped me off, she knew there would be problems. I didn’t speak English (Korean was my first language…who knew?) and they didn’t listen to my mom when she was telling them how to care for me. So, when I kept asking for “mu”, they thought I was asking for her. What they didn’t realize is that “mul” is water in Korean. And I couldn’t speak well, so…there it is. My mother picked me up and asked if they had any trouble. They said I kept asking for her, but I cried it out. She didn’t know how they would have known I was asking for her, since “oma” is mother in Korean and they wouldn’t have known that. When they told her what I said, she was so upset. They had left me without water, all day!

Now Christmas was rolling around. I was older and had a lot of questions. So, when they were explaining Santa, I listened intently. Until they said Santa wasn’t real. I began to cry. And I cried when I got home. And I would imagine the lady at the daycare cried, when my mom told her how she had ruined my childhood, let alone my life. I didn’t go back to that daycare.

Going without water is one thing. Santa? You don’t mess with Santa.

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