Merry ChristmaKwanUkah!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday!! I am not really in a Christmasy mood…I think the rest of the world does enough of it. I love the time with family, but the materialization of the holiday is a bit much. So, I guess I’m in a Scrooge kind of mood, this year.

I remember when I was younger, I used to love Christmas. Not because of gifts, but because we would go somewhere and see someone. Some family or friend. It was always about being together. But, it seems like every year there is more and more need to spend more and more money.

Remember the meaning of Christmas. Sure, the cheesy movies are a reminder. But, they don’t seem to mean a lot in that way. Most of us look at them as an annoyance. There isn’t much to remind us, anymore, about the value of family and how those days can mean so much. Appreciate them this Christmas and enjoy the time you have with them. That is what Christmas is about.

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