Teavivre Rose Dian hong

imageThe dry leaves have a woody smell that is a bit rosey. They are brown and tan, but have a fuchsia highlight thanks to the roses. They appear to be great quality leaves and roses, so I was pretty excited to give them a try! The wet leaves have a rose smell and a chocolate brown color. After the infusion the roses lost their color, but still look great in a cream color! I’m sure they would last at least another four or five infusions (although I’m not sure how far the roses would go). The liquor is a mahogany color and taste, with a rose finish. It is a tad astringent and dry, however it may have been my steep. It has a silky medium body and carries itself well!

Overall, it was good! I would buy, drunk and recommend this tea! It feels comforting and I can’t imagine there would be any time it wouldn’t suit. I think it would compliment well with most foods, as it seems very versatile!

Get it here!         http://www.teavivre.com/rose-black-tea/

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