Uncle’s Black Tea


The dry leaves have a Peanut and soy sauce smell to them. I definitely started to salivate a bit when I opened the tin. They have a nice sheen to them and every twist and fold can be seen clearly. There are a few tan highlights to the black color of the leaves. They seem to be around the same size and shape throughout. They are beautiful and I keep feeling this need to smell them more and more, almost like a thirst. But, I might just be hungry, too. The wet leaves have a leafy, soy sauce smell to them. They are chocolate and red brown shades. The sizes stay around one to two inches on average and I would say they would last another five fusions, at least. The liquor is a red brown color and has a soy sauce air to it. There is a peanut-ish taste with that same soy sauce air in the back of your throat. It is light and seems to go well with the mahogany finish on the taste.

Overall, I thought it was good! I was sent this sample and am not sure about the company or history, even the type of tea or its origins. But, I do know that I would drink and recommend it. I’m not sure about buying it, as I’m not sure of price or it’s history. But, I wouldn’t put that down as a no.

Here is where you can get it! https://facebook.com/unclesblacktea

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