Day 1


ne thing that I always miss about Texas is the food! There are a ton of things, but that is one that really has a hold on me. I LOVE to eat and with my limited diet, that tends to be a challenge. So, when I find something I like or even love, it becomes almost a necessity!

Whenever I get into Texas, the first thing is Mexican food. If I’m in Dallas, it’s Rosa’s Tortilla Factory. San Antonio? It’s Chacho’s (which is my ultimate fave!!)!! There are quite a few places in Austin, but I usually get BBQ there. Texas is such an amazing place for food! I haven’t had anyone ask me about a food or a city in Texas that didn’t make my eyes widen with a memory from my home state!

When I landed in Texas, I was already happy. When we ate at Rosa’s, I knew I was home! The beans and guac are so creamy! The salads, fresh and crisp! Rob loves the tortillas, so I give him mine. But, they were hard to give up! They looked so soft and fluffy, with little patches of crunchy heaven! Yep…best welcome home, ever!!

Thanks, Texas!! I love you, too!!

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