Red Velvet Peeps

Because there are certain foods I can’t eat, when I find foods that I can I get excited. Especially if those foods can be a substitute for my trigger foods. So, when I found the Red Velvet Peeps a couple of years ago, I got excited.

If you can’t have cupcakes, these are a great substitute. Be aware that those with sugar sensitivities are going to want to avoid them. I know that after a flare, I can’t have these. My stomach gets a little sensitive for a few days after and all this sugar can REALLY irritate a sensitive tummy. However, if you can have it, I think it’s worth a try. Some people don’t like them, but I have always thought they tasted exactly like red velvet cupcakes! I never eat more than a pack in a day (they come in trays of threes). Like all Peeps, they are just marshmallows, flavoring and sugar. They are also seasonal and found at Target. So, if you like them I would stock up. You won’t see them for another year. As you can see, I bought a few.

These are some of my favorite treats every holiday season. Even if I can’t eat a lot of them. I would recommend trying them, but be aware that some people don’t like them. I think they taste like Red Velvet Cupcakes, but not everyone agrees with me. So, maybe share a pack with friends. Just in case.

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