Work Lunch Turkey and Swiss

Not being able to eat sandwiches can be a pain, sometimes. Usually I’ll just eat whatever is inside. But, sometimes I want a sandwich and don’t want to pick things apart. So, I’ll just buy lunch meat and cheese, maybe mustard. Then, I just wrap the cheese in lunch meat and make it into a little roll. They are really good and cost about as much as a sandwich, but you get more for your dollar!

Obviously, this won’t work for a PB&J. But, you can do Roast Beef and Provolone or Turkey and Swiss (which is usually what I go with). I would recommend having a drink, since they tend to run a little salty (it doesn’t matte what combination you try, it’s meant to be on bread…it’s going to be a little salty). I tend to go with something a tad sweet (The Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade is what’s pictured).

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