Samgaetang Frozen

Samgaetang was one of my favorite meals in Korea. My grandfather took me to a restaurant that only made this one dish. It was authentic and it was amazing. I fell in love and never stopped loving it.

My mom mailed me quite a few of these frozen bags of Samgaetang. There is a whole young chicken in the back, stuffed with rice, ginseng root and a date. You take the chicken out and put it in water and just boil it until the meat practically falls off the bones. Now, the rice can be a problem in the normal soup. But, because this is frozen it sticks together unless you remove it from the inside of the chicken. So, what I did was to pull the chicken out as soon as it was ready. I removed the rice from the inside, which was pretty easy, and it came out in one large clump! Then, I left the chicken to cool and put it back in the hot soup and ate it. If you want to , you can do this earlier in the process and put the chicken back in to boil. Either way, it should be pretty easy and painless!

The soup is bland and simple. If you are in recovery it will be good for you, as long as you are in a stage that will allow you to process chicken. It is all chicken and soup, so it may be a challenge for some. It isn’t spicy or sweet at all and the broth tends to be very good!

If you want to make your own, you can! You can use this recipe and leave out the rice, maybe use quinoa or cauliflower rice, if you like!

If you want the frozen package, check any asian market. But, I know they have them at H Mart.

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