Dachi Honeysuckle Oolong


The dry leaves have a tart, floral and leafy base to the smell. They are black with varying sizes, but are all the same color. The wet leaves have a floral, woody smell. They are mahogany in color. They are strong enough for maybe another four or five infusions and are about one to two inches average length. The liquor is a caramel color with a woody smell. It has a sweet, smooth, slightly sawdust taste. It is silky, with a light to medium body and begs to be drank. It’s an easy request to give in to, since it is so easy to drink!

I really liked this tea! I got it in a trade from someone who didn’t seem to like it, which jus goes to show how subjective tea really is! I think I made out like a bandit, since I will probably end up buying this from Dashi in the future. I really enjoyed it and will be adding it to my “favorites” stash! I would definitely recommend, buy and drink this tea! And probably often! It appears to be one of their signature teas and I can see why!

Try it here:

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