Yogi Castle

I’m a fan of frozen yogurt! I love the original tart flavor almost as much as I love seeing the toppings that are available! Some people aren’t familiar with it, so I decided to post mine.

Frozen Yogurt is like a lighter ice cream that isn’t so sweet and doesn’t have so much sugar. There are some flavors that have more sugar, but usually the FroYo parlors try to keep everything healthier and lower in sugar. Usually there are toppings like fruit, candy, candy bars and pearls that you can add on. There are also sometimes sauces like caramel or hot fudge that you can add on. The beauty of it is that you get to pick what you want on it and, in most cases, how much!

The picture above shows a Tart Original frozen yogurt (that’s just  like a tart ice cream, but not sour) with strawberries and blueberries, from Yogi Castle in Bowie, MD.

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