TLC Sweet Nothings

imageThe dry leaves have a chocolate smell with a caramel finish. They are black with coffee beans to highlight and look great! The wet leaves have a coffee smell with a very light wood and floral undertones. They are varying shades of brown. The liquor has a caramel color. There is no air and a light woody taste. At the end, there is an acidic note from the coffee. There are slight coffee notes.

Overall, it was good! I would drink and recommend, but not buy. It seems that the tea and coffee worlds are at odds, but I’ve never been one to choose sides. I don’t really see things as black and white. There are so many more colors to choose from! I think that the idea to mix coffee and tea is a great one, I’m just not sure how well it works. While I thought this tea was good, I got the feeling that it was holding back a little.

Get it here:
SWEET NOTHINGS | Organic Cafe Caramel Black Tea

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