Dachi Iron Goddess


he dry leaves (which I forgot to capture in my brilliance) have a slightly cinnamon note to a woody, leafy smell. They are black in color and look fresh. The wet leaves have an earthy, leafy smell. They are very strong and rane from about 1/2 to 2 inches. They are dark green in color and the stems appear to be in great condition, also. The liquor is a light brownish yellow, with a leafy smell. It is slightly astringent, but not dry. It wasn’t enough to turn me off and the slightly silky, light body seemed to balance it out.

Overall, it was great! I would buy, drink and recommend this tea! I found myself really thinking about how much I like this tea, even an hour or so after. I liked the taste and didn’t realize how much I had drank. It was just that easy to drink.

This is where you can get it:

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