Smatcha Bao Zhong



he dry leaves have a fresh spinach and leaves smell. They are deep forest green in color and appear to be great quality. The wet leaves are vibrant green and have a sultry spinach smell. They are about 1/2 to 2 inches average length and strong enough for at least three or four more infusions. The liquor is a canary yellow with very light sweet spinach air. It has a sweet taste with spinach notes. It’s very light, not astringent at all and has a silky body.

Overall, I thought it was great and I loved it! I would buy, drink and recommend it! I steeped this with the Auto Brewer, which I think did a great job with this particular tea! I thought the tea itself was easy to drink and seemed like something I might keep in stock. I got it as a part of a bundle, I don’t think I would have gotten it otherwise. I’m glad I did.  🙂

Get it here:

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