Hanabi Sushi, Brandywine MD



I LOVE Sashimi! I like sushi fine, but you aren’t eating as much after you ditch the rice. Sashimi is just less wasteful and sometimes you get more for the money. So, any time  I have the opportunity to go to a sushi restaurant, I’ll go. If for no other reason than to judge their tea. 😉

We decided to go to this restaurant that had hibachi grills. My boyfriend wanted hibachi and I figured I should be able to figure something out, food wise, as most Asian foods are workable to my diet. There’s almost always some soup,salad or seafood entree that I can eat. And that always makes me happy.

At Hanabi, the appetizers sounded really good, so I tried these two. And they were perfect! My only complaint was that I couldn’t get enough! The avocado sashimi was so well balanced! The sauce on top wasn’t overwhelming, I could still taste the avocado and the salmon equally. And the Sashimi appetizer had nice and thick slices of fresh sushi that was smooth and buttery. The more I ate, the more I wanted!

Oh, and I hear the hibachi is good.  😉

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