Temple of Tea Mi Lan Dan Cong

The dry leaves are a black color and great size! they have a cracker smell with woody, grassy notes.The wet leaves have a deep, greyish green color. They average around 3/4 to 2.5 inches in size. Initially, there is a burning smell.After the cup aired out, there was a woody, cracker smell with tiny spinach notes. I would say they are strong enough for another four or five infusions. The liquor has a deep caramel color with a cracker air. The taste is woody and slightly astringent (I steeped it at 195 degrees for three minutes).

Overall, I thought it was ok. I wouldn’t buy, or recommend it. But, I would drink it. Maybe just different steep parameters, next time. I was pretty excited about it, so I think it didn’t live up to the expectations I had set. With all of the cracker air, I had expected a bit of a taste similar to my Rou Gui experience. However, that is asking a lot (considering my esteem for that tea). I am going to try it again, perhaps a shorter steep or lower temp. Without the astringency, I think it would be better. Although, I won’t walk in with the expectations this time. After all, Rou Gui is a hard act to follow. And nobody likes that kind of pressure!

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