The Long Road Home

Well, my trip has come to a close. And now to get home. I took the Megabus, which wasn’t a long ride. About three hours and some change.

This was my second trip using them, so I knew to buy a seat. It’s only three dollars more and you don’t have to worry about rushing on the bus to find a good seat. Because the rest is general seating, you would want to be at the front of the line, otherwise. You can purchase four seats at a table behind the driver or four on the second level, right above him. All have a table, which is great if you’re bringing food or a laptop.

There is WiFi access included and access to outlets, also. I didn’t see the outlets, sitting at the table. But, my first trip I had seen plenty of people using them in general seating. The WiFi is a little slow, so don’t expect much. After all, you’re sharing it with a double decker bus full of people. But, if you’re doing light reading or post updates, it is easily manageable.

My first trip, I didn’t talk to anyone. I was a little nervous, since I was unfamiliar with it. And I sat in the isle seat of general seating, because I got there a little late than I should have. However, the people tend to be fairly nice. They will either have conversation the entire trip or put in their headphones and just want to be left alone.

Overall, I think it’s a good way to travel if you want to get somewhere on the cheap. I paid fifty dollars round trip! The tolls alone would have been that much, one way!

If you are thinking about using them, check what cities you can travel to at:

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