*sigh* Some Days…

I’m sick again. No Tea review, since I can’t even keep down water.

People often ask me if I’m on a diet or if I’m one of those people who gets bloated if they “eat gluten”. My answer? I wish. I try not to diminish other people’s experiences or pain. But, I would rather go through bloat pain, cramping or the stabbing pains that can sometimes be the effect of gluten allergies.

I’m vomiting every half hour, have a migraine and my stomach and intestines are in pain. I can’t get comfortable, my stomach and esophagus are burning and I’m constantly vomiting stomach acid. There isn’t any way to make it stop. I just have to weather the storm. I was prescribed Doxycycline but, honestly, it doesn’t usually work. I control my diet. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I get sick for no reason. Usually I am sick for a few days, before I can go back to my normal routine. And because I am sick so often, I try not to mention or exhibit it. I just go on about my day.

*sigh* Maybe I should look into a stomach transplant. Something from a cow that will expand as I eat. 😉

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