iCars, Fredericksburg VA

YAY!! I have a new car!! I have wanted a Mini for years and now I own one!

As much as I love my car, and I do, I was a little frustrated buying it. I bought it from iCars in Fredericksburg, VA. Now, there are two locations. I went to one and looked at the car, which had a faulty window motor. As a result, when someone shampooed the inside of the car the night before, they were unable to close all of the windows. When I test drove it, it smelled horrible. It was all I could do to not gag. They told me it would be shampooed again before I bought it. So, I left and worked on getting the loan approved and arranging to pick it up. When I did, it still smelled and there wasn’t anyone I could talk to about it. So, I took my car and left. I loved it, so I wasn’t going to let that change anything. I decided I would just get it detailed. I texted the gentleman I was dealing with and he said he would talk to someone about reimbursing me for the detailing. And that was the last I heard of anyone. They avoided my calls, ignored my texts and basically acted like I had never existed. But, beside that…look at my pretty new car!!





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