Odaeng and Kimchi/Spam Jigae

Yesterday, my mom made some soups for me. Everytime I come home, she asks what I want to eat. And when I tell her anything, she says that there must be something I miss that she can make. So, this is it:

imageOdaeng is a Korean fishcake. I love when it is boiled, even though I don’t drink the broth. It doesn’t taste really fishy, it’s pretty subtle. If you don’t like seafood, of course, you won’t like it. But, I’ve never met anyone who did and didn’t like these. This is easily one of my favorites.

IBS sufferers will want to be conscious of the fact that there is a little flour in it. I can usually get by with eating it and not getting sick, but it does make my stomach burn a bit after. I can usually get away with just a little of my trigger foods before I flare (maybe a spoon of rice or very small bite of bread), so if you are more sensitive than I you might want to avoid it.

imageAnother one of my favorites is Kimchi Jigae with Spam. I know that there are a lot of people that don’t like Spam, but this is different. When it is boiled with Kimchi, it loses some of the salt and becomes soft. It also gains some of the flavor from the broth and tastes a tad tart and spicy. The longer the soup sits, the better it tastes. There are all kinds of kimchi, so if you are going to make this soup I recommend Cabbage and Daikon. The small Daikon that have the tops on are usually the best. When my mom makes it, she just puts the kimchi and Spam in a pot and boils it all together. I would recommend using broth instead of water and maybe adding more pepper, if you want it spicy. There are tablets for Yukgaejang soup that are really great for adding spice!

If you have IBS-C, this might make it a little worse. You will want to take your meds and drink sufficient water. I love eating it, so to me it’s worth it. And if you have IBS-D (I’m guessing), it might help! Also, kimchi is a fermented food. While I’m not sure how the boiling will effect it, I have known fermentation to help a little for some people with IBS.

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