Miso Soup, Seaweed and Avocado

After a flare I try to be careful what I eat, for as long as possible. The problem is that I love food. Sometimes I push it a little farther than I should and a little sooner.

I had a few packets of Miso Soup, so I made that. The components are small enough that they shouldn’t be irritating. They are also soft (just tofu and green onions). I decided to also have some sheets of seaweed and an avocado.

If you have just had a flare and are trying this lunch, I would eat it in order. So, soup, seaweed and avocado. Then, if you get a little full, just stop eating and wait until the food settles. Also, if you aren’t sure about the avocado, don’t eat it. Sometimes they are a little heavy or hard and if you aren’t ready for it, you might vomit. The most important thing to remember is that you can always eat more/again later. But, eating too much will make you sick all over again.

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