Texas or bust

Here I am!! That’s the most beautiful sign in the world!

Last night I pulled over in Tennessee, because there was a white wall of storm and I just couldn’t see well enough to drive. I pulled over and stayed at a Motel 8, though I barely slept. I was worried about my entire life being in my car and the people walking by my window and my car continuously through the night. So, I left pretty early in the morning.

I stopped at a Subway on the way, but that turned out disastrous. Luckily, I still have plenty of coconut water and bottled water left. I should have known better than to eat solids too soon, but I thought that since I got tuna salad and seafood salad it would be ok. And I was wrong.

But, silver lining: YAY!! TEXAS!!! Home sweet home!!   😀

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