Hmart Food Court

I’m still pretty sick, but my mom offered to take me out for lunch. I wasn’t sure, but as soon as she said HMart Food Court, I was all in.  🙂

I got a spicy clam soup with silken tofu, which was a great idea. It was soft, spicy and filling. My mom got BokBukGee, which is a soft rice cake in spicy sauce. They also put fish cakes and cheese in it, so it looked really good!

If you have IBS, this dish is both good and bad. I am able to take the spicy broth, so it wasn’t a big deal. But, it can be after a flare. The silken tofu is great after a flare, because it is filling and easy to digest. I would recommend this soup, but you’ll want to proceed with caution if you aren’t sure about the spiciness. Also, you might be able to ask them to make it a little less spicy than usual. But, there are a TON of soups offered in this food court!

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