Spicy Tofu Soup (Homemade)

When I get sick, I just want to get better. There isn’t a lot I can keep down, so getting foood into my system becomes the struggle. My body needs food to recover, but won’t keep it down. Once I am able to hold something down, soup becomes the answer.

I love spicy tofu soup, but don’t like having to go get it. I also don’t like paying for it all the time. So, I thought I would try this and it came out great! I took Yukgaejang blocks and silken tofu and put them in water. I covered that in the microwave for about five minutes and when I took it out it was crazy hot. So, I put ice cubes in it and cooled it down a bit. It was delicious! I think I just found a new favorite food for recovery!

This is great for IBS sufferers, as long as you aren’t sensitive to spicy foods. Even if you are, it isn’t very spicy and you can dilute it with more water! I would say try it and then adjust accordingly. After a recovery, when you are finally able to keep down liquids, this will be the next step. Silken tofu is easy to digest and the soup will be great for making that process a little easier. I would definitely give it a try. I know this will be my new go to!

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