Bunny Tracks Sugar Free

Because my diet is so limited, I try to enjoy the small pleasures while I can. After all, I never know when my stomach will shift and there will be something else I can’t eat. This helps me deal with the frustration of my limited diet and keeps me from freaking out about the frustration all the time. Instead, I just freak out half the time.

My dad got the sugar free Bunny Tracks today and I thought I would try it. It is still llpretty sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. There is chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate covered peanuts and peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies. It’s really good and the vanilla ice cream is a great base for it all. I liked that the ice cream was as much an ingredient as the other components. In other ice creams, you tend to get more accessories than you do ice cream.

This is a diary based ice cream, so if you are lactose intolerant or dairy is a trigger, you might want to pass this one up. You shouldn’t have any problems with sugar, but read the label. What you’ve been eating the rest of the day will effect your sugar and you will want to know how much you are taking in. Also, if nuts or chocolate are a trigger, I wouldn’t take a chance. Sure, they are just small pieces. But, they are scattered through out and hard to find. You might ingest more than you intend to, even if you are vigilant.

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