Tofu and Seafood Soup, Joy Kitchen


imageI’m starting to feel a little better, so my mom wanted to go out to lunch. I was a little scared, since I am still not feeling too well. But, when she told me there was a soft tofu soup at Joy Kitchen, I got excited! I remembered their Samgaetang and knew that whatever I ate was going to be good. And that’s exactly what I needed!

I got the Tofu and Seafood soup, which has silken tofu in it. It also has clam, shrimp and octopus. Everything comes together, so well, in a spicy broth. I can’t tell you how much I loved it. But, I can tell you that sick or not, this might be what I order here from now on!

If you have IBS, this might be a little much for you right after a flare. It is a bit spicy and the seafood isn’t super soft, like you might need. However, you can order just the tofu (which will still be in a spicy broth). I chewed REALLY well and didn’t eat all of the seafood (although, I ate most of it) and didn’t have any problems later. But, I do love spicy food and eat it a lot.

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