Pink Drink

imageThe Pink Drink is taking Starbucks by storm, so I decided to give it a whirl. You know me, I love trying new foods and drinks…and if it’s IBS friendly, even better !!

So, what is it? It’s a Strawberry Acai Refresher, coconut milk instead of water and strawberries (or blueberries or both). Pretty simple, so why is it the new craze? Probably because it’s a new drink that is pretty different from the new ones they have debuted before. Or it could be because it is something that was made by the people and not the company. But, I think it’s the fact that it tastes similarly to Strawberry Quick. I really liked the taste and it wasn’t heavy or filling.

If you have IBS, you’ll be happy to know that there shouldn’t be anything in this drink to bother you. It is made with coconut milk and not regular milk, there is no coffee and the sugar isn’t outrageous. So…bottoms up!

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