In and Out Burgers




I had never been to In and Out Burger, but had heard so much about it. The best thing I heard? A burger without buns!! I had to investigate! And by investigate I mean shove it in my cake hole.  😉

I got a “Double Double, Protein Style” and some Lite Lemonade. The result? Magic! I loved it!! It was a really great burger that I didn’t have to hold weird or dissect and rearrange! But, more than that, the taste was great! All of the components were fresh and crisp, there wasn’t a cheese overload or a heavy beefy saturation. It was very balanced for a burger with two patties and cheese! As tends to be the case (and as anyone who has had it will tell you), it is a little messy. But, small price to pay. I got mine with onions and I have to tell you: great decision! It put a little tang in every bite and I didn’t have an ounce of doubt that I was right in doing so! Also, I really enjoyed the Lite Lemonade. It was a little sweet, but once the ice melted it was nice!

If you have IBS, you’ll be happy to see a burger you can eat with messing around with it. And it’s like a regular burger experience! You might have a sensitivity to onions, so don’t worry…it doesn’t come standard on there. The Lite Lemonade is a little sweet, so if you are sensitive to sugar you might want to skip it or ask for half lemonade and half water (or lots of ice and let it melt). I can put away a lot of food, because my food limitations make it hard for me to fill up. So, I ordered two. But, I would recommend starting with just one. Just in case.  😉

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