Southern Spice Indian Restaurant




imageI LOVE Indian food!! There are so many things I can eat and every chance I get, I try to stuff as much as I can into my stomach.

I got Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka. They both came with all kinds of side dishes and sauces. One side dish was a “donut hole” like pastry in a sweet sauce. Of course, I had to avoid this. But, I REALLY wanted it. 😦  The food was SOOO amazing! I ate as much as I could and then ate a little more. I also had a Mango Lassi, which was a little sweet. But, they are usually that sweet and I thought of it as more of a dessert than a beverage. The Saag Paneer was nice and creamy and the cheese curds were firm enough to put up a fight while I was eating them, but they gave up pretty quickly. The Chicken Tikka was nice and supple with a little kick. Like I said, the food was great and I left VERY full!

If you have IBS, you might want to be careful with the Chicken Tikka. As tends to be the case, there is a little spice in it and it can irritate sensitive tummies. It definitely is something I wouldn’t eat right after a flare. The Saag Paneer is a good choice if you like creamed spinach and cheese curds! I know it doesn’t sound great, but it is a great idea when you need to build up your strength. Just ask Popeye!   😉

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