La Croix vs San Pellegrino Mineral waters


There aren’t a lot of people who like mineral waters. However, more people are looking towards their health and trying to steer from sodas. These are a better alternative. however, there are so many different mineral waters, which ones should you try?

Some mineral waters taste like mineral water and have an after taste of a flavor. Others taste closer to soda and actually have a flavor added in that almost masks that distinctive mineral taste. I had always liked the San Pellegrino, because it was the latter. When Starbucks had Valencia Oranges, I used to mix the Blood Orange with my Valencia and it was a very magical thing!

I saw the La Croix drinks and wondered which they were, so i decided to compare the two. The La Croix drinks are more of a mineral water taste, followed up with the flavor that you choose. The San Pellegrino is more of the flavor and less of the mineral taste. It’s kind of like the Italian Sodas or like a Crush soda. The La Croix are also a little more bubbly. And not necessarily in a good way. It can be a little overwhelming. The San Pellegrino is also bubbly, but it is a smoother.

Ultimately, sure they are both mineral waters. There isn’t going to be a lot of difference. But, the flavor is definitely one of them. Sure, the L Croix drinks are ok. But, I would rather have the San Pellegrino drinks. The sugar is a bit different, but not in a huge way. And if you are like me, and take them for your stomach, you might have to drink quite a few of them. If that’s the case, you might want to have the extra flavor The extra sugar isn’t enough to make the difference in burning your stomach, if your stomach is sugar sensitive. And you’ll enjoy it much more.  😉

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