Day 2

(Again, if you have a weak stomach…look away.)

Today was a little better. I had to call out of work, because I was still vomiting. And I was still incredibly uncomfortable all day. I wasn’t able to walk without a cane (which I luckily keep for JUST this reason), but was able to get around. Albeit slowly. I slept a lot. But, just couldn’t keep anything down. Nothing at all. I tried a few sips of water and it seemed ok. But, tried some tofu and it was a disaster. I went back to the water and waited a while. Then, I tried beef broth. But, I only drank a little. It was only a little warm and not even a couple of ounces. It made me feel very full and uncomfortable, but I was able to keep it down. While I wasn’t happy, it made me hopeful. I waited and just stayed on water and broth for a little bit.

Sometime in the evening, I couldn’t take it anymore. I had been on liquids and starving for almost two days! I had to try some tofu. So, I tried just a bite. Nothing happened. Now just a few more bites. I ate half a brick and felt fine! I still feel fevered and uncomfortable.I still had a massive migraine. I still couldn’t walk unassisted. I was even incredibly weak while sitting and laying. But, I’m not throwing up or running to the bathroom!

Things are starting to look up!

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