Day 3

Today I woke up and felt a little better. I still feel nauseated and my stomach is still VERY sensitive. But, I’m not running to the bathroom and that is a great sign!

Liquids worked for me yesterday, so that was where I picked up. So, I waited and drank a little and then a little more. Now that I was able to keep down liquids, in small amounts, I took my probiotic. I usually take it after a flare and it helps. I drank some coconut juice, to rehydrate. I took my time drinking and started to feel a little better. My migraine was now a bad headache and I could literally feel the energy spreading through my body! I ate some tofu and got a lot of sleep. I got a little strength back and was still nauseated, but still had to walk with a cane. I was so exhausted and weak. Even with the extra energy, I felt so drained. Something as simple as standing and walking a few feet was draining!

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow.  🙂

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