Day 4

I definitely feel better, but not healed. I’m SO tired! The nausea is gone, but I’m really hungry! All day I’ve been tiptoeing around food, scared that I’ll eat something too complicated and it’ll all go sideways. I’ve been catching up on sleep and drinking coconut juice and water. I have been throwing back tofu like it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten! As much as I love tofu, even I can get tired of it after a while. I started to get my energy back and was able to walk around without a cane and even ate some kimchi. I thought I would have some, now that I seemed to be able to eat better. I thought the fermentation would help, even if just a little. And now that my headache/migraine was gone, I felt a little less weighted.

Luckily, I got to try some cauliflower pizza! It was so great!! Not only was I able to eat something without having to tear it apart, it was pizza! And it was delicious! My stomach shrank, so I couldn’t eat the whole thing…but we’ll tackle that another day.  😉

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