Ajiokazunori Seasoned Seaweed Sheets

Today is definitely an improvement from the passed few days! I went to work, still feeling a bit weak. But, luckily I have a cushy desk job and can sit in front of a computer for eight hours. I hadn’t thought about lunch this morning and to be honest, I don’t think I could have come up with much. So, here is a snack that I keep at my desk that came in handy:

While they aren’t filling and should DEFINITELY be a snack, these seaweed sheets do help. They are a little sticky, so if you are going to try them be aware. There are only eight in a pack and they are seasoned with soy sauce. They are pretty good if you like seaweed and soy sauce! If not, don’t try them. They aren’t sweet or incredibly salty, so they don’t irritate my tummy. And the seaweed is good when you’re sick. It gives you a little more strength and helps you feel a little more full.

My mom got these at H-Mart and I haven’t seen them since. But, if you see them and are considering them, I could give them a try. Worst case, they are nice to keep in your bag for emergencies!

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