Here We Go…

Yesterday, I had thought I was fine. After the accident, I had a bunch of cuts and bruises (you should see my calf!!) but seemed ok. And then this morning, I realized how wrong I was.

I woke up and had this pain in my neck. It was tight and felt like it was in a vice grip. Moving it was not only a challenge, but painful. Having worked in a chiropractic clinic before, I knew this wasn’t good. So, I called that clinic and set up an appointment.

After some x-rays, some scans and some paperwork; I was told that I had Level 2 Whiplash (there are four levels). There was also some damage in my lower back and just below my shoulder blades. I told him that I only really felt my neck, but he said that it might take as long as Friday or Saturday before I really feel the effects. I got adjusted and did some therapy and went on my way. I started to feel better immediately.

Then, after a few hours…quite the opposite. My neck started to feel tight again and the pain came back. If it’s going to be like this, how am I going to last until my adjustment on Friday??

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