Cellphone Insurance. Everyone tells you why you should have it and that it’s helpful. And on paper, it makes sense. But, the pain of it all is the reason most people pass on it. Having worked for Target Mobile for two years and being a techie, I see both sides.

After the Note 7 recall, I had to get a replacement phone and chose the S7Edge, because I loved my Note and it was the closest thing to it on the market. However, everyone else had the same idea. So, when I got it replaced, there was a shortage of supply. I got the phone on Monday, added insurance on Tuesday and dropped my phone yesterday.

I called to file a claim and was told I didn’t have insurance. I told them I did and they said I didn’t and argued with me. So, I called Verizon. They confirmed I had insurance and called Asurion. They then confirmed that I had insurance and hung up with Verizon. This is when they said I didn’t have any usage on my phone. I told them I text and talk through the day, so that’s impossible. They said that was what they showed in the system and that I had to call Verizon. So, I did and they said they showed plenty of usage. So, Verizon called Asurion. I was on hold while the rep fought with the other rep about my usage, they did this for about an hour. The Verizon Rep said he would call me back when they resolved everything, but I was getting a replacement phone and he wasn’t going to lose that battle. He called me today and told me that they had finally resolved it, that they had to email someone higher up and he didn’t get back to them until this morning.

I filed a claim…my phone is on backstock. I am glad I got the insurance, because replacing my screen would be $300, but it would be nice if they didn’t act like they had you by the balls.

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