Well, thanks to the car accident, I have been without a vehicle. Today is the last day my insurance will cover my car rental, and I still have no car. So, you can imagine the stress I’m going through.

The car loan for my Mini Cooper was paid off about five days ago, but is still showing up on my credit. So, when I have been trying to finance a car I have been having problems. I wanted to find another Mini Cooper, that was around a 2008 or 2009. But, finding a Mini Cooper for sale that isn’t for parts is almost as hard as getting financing. I gave up on a Mini, but still wanted something compact. I just like smaller cars. So, I went to a dealership that pre-approved me and had a Fiat. They ended up not being able to approve me for the Fiat, but were working on a Chevy Cruze when I decided to apply online with DriveTime. They approved me and even told me what my down payment would be. And they approved me for a Fiat!

I got to the dealership in Garland and was pretty happy with what happened next. Franklin, who I spoke to on the phone, helped me figure out what I could aford, what was available that I wanted and helped me get into the car! I wanted one at another lot, in Ft. Worth, but they transfered it at no cost. I left and dropped off my rental car (made it JUST before they closed) and gor something to eat with my mom. By that time, the car was at their lot. I finished up my paperwork, they put in a full tank of gas and I was on my way! I couldn’t believe it! When everyone else wouldn’t approve me or wanted some huge down payment, they approved me and with only $600 down!

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