Even though I know my body better than anyone and know that this disorder is something that will never change, every now and then I have a moment of weakness. Usually because of things people say, but also sometimes just wanting to be able to eat like everyone else. Today was one of those days.

People always say “It’s in your head”, “maybe it’s gone, since you’ve been eating well”, “Maybe it’s just stress”,  and “that’s not a real thing”. So, today I tried eating noodles. I thought that maybe they were right. But, they were wrong.

I got sick immediately. My stomach bloated, I got a horrible migraine, I was nauseated, my entired digestive tract was on fire and my nerves were going ballistic. Nothing helped. It didn’t matter how I sat, lied, breathed, I was msierable. I cried, but I knew I had done this to myself. Then I remembered the other times I tried and got sick…I know better.

Moral of the story? Don’t listen to other people. You know you’re body. Wanting to try remedies is one thing. But, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s in your head or that it isn’t real. Your body is yours and nobody knows it better.

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