Flare,The Return

This was the longest flare I have ever had! A month of hell, basically. I went in to work three days in the last month and spent the entire time in bed. I don’t really recall much of that time, it was just vomiting, sleeping, migraines, weakness, trying to eat, trying to drink and hygiene. I tried to stay awake here and there, watching whatever I could on TV. But, reading comics wasn’t as fun, I wasn’t in the mood for games and I didn’t really like the shows I usually like. I just wanted to watch shows I had already seen. I suppose my brain didn’t want to think.

When my flare finally let up, I found that I had a yeast infection. My immune system was keeping this healthy bacteria in check. However, after dealing with my flare and trying to recover, my immune system was weak and the Candida attacked. It was horrible and I didn’t know what to do. I can’t afford to go to a doctor because I don’t have insurance and the costs are too high (Planned Parenthood wanted $175 just for the office visit and additional for tests. The swab I would need was an additional $300. Urgent Care told me that it would be $250 for an office visit and additional for tests). So, I went to the internet and my support groups. I found that it was most likely a yeast infection, purchased over the counter meds and I think I might have it under control. I am still dealing with it, but I am optimistic it will be over soon.

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