Fellas, You Can Skip This One…

Here it is, ladies…

Yeast Infections. (warning, I’m going to talk about it…)

As horrible as they are, they are something that will happen at some point or another. I had gone 36 years without one. Then, as I was recovering from the longest flare I had ever had, I found that it was my turn. I wasn’t sure what was going on, since I didn’t have any discharge. But, I found that I was itching. And horribly! At some times there was immense swelling and pain. I figured it out and headed to the pharmacy.

But, what do you buy? What works? I bought a regular over the counter “insert” and made sure it had a cream that comes with it. I got the one day pack, because I wanted it done immediately. I later learned that this isn’t what that meant. (If you run into this problem, the longer ones are actually supposed to be better.) I also purchased a liquid that was supposed to help from the inside. I wasn’t sure if it would, but I was willing to try anything. And I really didn’t want to have to pay to see a doctor (it was going to be $175-450, depending on testing) just to have them write me a prescription for antibiotics or tell me to buy an over the counter box. So, I went home and used it.

Then, today I realized I had started my cycle. Looking on the internet, it is apparently a normal thing for people to have yeast infections just before their cycle. And as far as I could deduce from how it was explained, recovering from a flare only made it easier for the infection. So, it was a sort of “Perfect Storm”.

How lucky am I?  😦

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