Some people get creeped out by octopus. But, I grew up eating octopus, squid and pretty much every seafood you can. So, this is pretty standard for me. Also…I LOVE it!!

I got this pack at H-Mart, which is an Asian market that has pretty much everything! If you’ve never been, you must go! If for no other reason than to look around! They usually have great foods that you can buy premade to eat immediately, mixes for soups and bowls, kimchi and other banchan (Korean sides), great household items, teas from Asia and quite a few have a fish market. If you find the seafood section, you will probably see that they have sashimi for MUCH cheaper than it would be at a restaurant and the same quality! The Super H-Mart is, of course, better. But, the regular H-Mart can be just as fun. In most cases, you can buy boxes of produce for cheaper than you might get them in a regular grocery store.

In the banchan section, they have all kinds of sides that you can eat. But, they also have little meal packs you can buy. They are snacks, but can be filling a lot of times. They have fried fish, but be careful…it might be lightly battered. They have squid and octopus ready to eat, also!

If you are curious about the octopus, I would say try it. The texture is usually the hardest part for most people. Knowing what you’re eating is a pretty close second. But, I have heard from a lot of people that once they got passed those two things they loved it! This pack comes with a Korean sauce called Gochujang. It’s a spicy garlic and chili sauce. I would say it’s probably one of my favorite sauces. It’s a bit hotter than Siracha and I think it tastes better. I usually have a tube of this one me.

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