Steamed squid

This is another favorite that I got at H-Mart. Usually, there is only one in a pack. But, I guess that today is just my lucky day!

If you have had octopus, you will probably have the same feelings about squid. Most people have the same fears and they are pretty similar when it comes to those fears. Yes, it has the same texture. And yes…it’s just as “odd” to most people. But, again, if you can get passed that you will probably like it.

I always recommend trying new foods, so I would definitely recommend this if you haven’t had it. If you have and liked it, this is a great place to get it. They steam it well and it has a somewhat sweet taste that isn’t overwhelming. Also, this comes with Gochujang. And anything that comes with Gochujang has to be good, in my book!

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