Merry Christmas!!

This year we decided to do something different for Christmas. There were only three of us, myself and my parents, so why make a huge meal? And we had such a big meal for Thanksgiving that my mom decided to make something small and simple.

My mom decided to make a seafood soup that was tomato and broth based. It had all kinds of seafood like calamari, musslels, shrimp, crawfish, cod and fish roe. There were also tomatoes, fennel, garlic, onions and chorizo. It was great! And just recovering from a flare, this was just what I needed!

After a flare, you definitely want to stick with softer foods and soups. I had been on broth for a while and then moved to tofu. Luckily, today I was starving and ready to move up to harder foods. Seafood was just what I needed! The nutrients were helpful and it tasted amazing!

If you want to try to make this, you just need to gather the seafood you want in the soup. Make sure it’s dethawed. Get a very large pot and put in the broth and tomato paste. I would recommend one can of broth to one can of paste. It’s also a good idea to put in some canned whole tomatoes. Throw in the chorizo, fennel, garlic and onions. Let it all boil for a while. After about twenty minutes or half an hour, throw in the seafood. Let it all cook until it’s just the way you like it and add pepper or salt to taste! I know it’s a very general “recipe”, but it keeps the soup specific to your tastes or what you can handle at your stage of recovery

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