Sous Vide Eggs- Starbucks

Sous Vide is a phrase that is getting thrown around a lot, these days. With the popularity of cooking shows and competitions, it is something more people want to try out. Starbucks decided to cash in on that. And I was interested. After all, I was used to hearing about duck or chicken, not the actual egg.


You can choose from two options, the Bacon or the Roasted Red Pepper. Both are actually pretty good, but I have to admit that I was more fond of the Red Pepper than the Bacon. I was astonished, since I am not a fan of Red Peppers and thought I would like the Bacon better. Both were fluffy and light. Both were incredibly soft and well cooked. However, the Bacon was a tad bit saltier. But, that is to be expected from Bacon. I think that the reason I liked the Red Pepper better was that it really brought out the cheesiness of the Sous Vide Eggs. Both had a Ricotta cheese sort of taste to them and a similar texture. But, the underlying flavors from the peppers were a really good accent to it. It wasn’t a sharp and noticable note like the bacon was. It was subtle and soft.

If you have IBS, eggs might be a little of a problem for you. If they are, obviously this isn’t a good option. However, barring that restriction, these should both be good options. I don’t know of bacon being a trigger, but I wouldn’t put anything past this pesky condition. But, the peppers are nowhere near hot enough to irritate and cause a flare. I would imagine that this is pretty safe for sensitive tummies.

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