Eatzi’s (Flourless) Chocolate Oblivion 

Brace yourselves…

It’s Valentine’s Day. And…I had CAKE!!

I know!! But, don’t freak out! This is great news and I came out unscathed! This is a flourless chocolate cake, it’s called Chocolate Oblivion and it can be found at any Eatzi’s. If you don’t happen to live near one, there are a few recipes for similar cakes with the same name. I don’t know for sure if they are the same, but wouldn’t you rather try them all and find one you liked, anyway?  😉

This cake is amazing! It’s decadent and rich, it’s creamy and it’s chocolaty! You’ll want to make sure you have a LARGE glass of milk with this guy. When I say it’s rich, I’m not throwing the word around. I could easily clear a large glass of milk with one slice, two if I’m not rationing myself. It’s an amazing cake, regardless of the fact that it’s flourless. The taste is one that begs for one more bite! Sure, it’s very sweet and you want to stop eating it. But, you can’t! It just tastes too good! Sure, it’s sweet! But, you haven’t had cake in so long! Yes, it is VERY chocolaty. But, we LOVE chocolate!! And all of these things come together so well! so take a few gulps of milk in between bites and finish that slice! After all, we suffer enough in our lives…we deserve one slice of flourless chocolate cake!!

Oh yeah…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  😉

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