Molten Chocolate Latte (Discontinued)

Starbucks is notorious for seasonal drinks. Some are for an entire environmental season. Some for the season of a certain holiday. The hardest part of those drinks is getting attached to them and then having to let them go. But, sometimes there is a way around it. Some of those drinks can be replicated.

If you enjoyed the Molten Chocolate Latte this Valentine’s Day, or the week before it, you are in luck! I ordered one today, not realizing that I had missed the opportunity and that it would be discontinued so quickly. Lucky for me, I got a really nice Barista! She said that the drink had been discontinued, but she could ring it up as a different order. It would be the same drink, just ordered differently and called something else. It’s a Mocha with Frapp Chips. Yes, that’s it.

If you’ve never had it, it isn’t a bad drink. It tastes pretty much how you would think, except it isn’t as overwhelmingly sweet as it sounds. I enjoyed it and was happy to find little chocolate chips at the bottom. It was nice and creamy, I could get a hint of the coffee and it was just as sweet as I would like it. And for someone who is sensitive to sugar, that’s a great find!

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