Carb0licious Chocolate Chip Muffins

It’s been a little over twelve years since I’ve had a muffin. Or bread. Or cake, rice, potatoes, toast, cookies, cereal, breaded chicken, bread pudding, regular pudding- you get the idea. I have always had to just deal with the fact that I can’t have those foods. But, more recently there has been more attention to people with dietary restrictions. And now there are more recipes for things like breads and cakes that even people like me can eat! This is a really great example of such an item!

I ordered them from Amazon and was a little worried. I always am, when I try a new food that I think will comply with my dietary restrictions. One reason is that I want to be sure I won’t get sick. Having a four day flare isn’t something I am willing to risk, anymore. I read labels a few times before I decide on something new. And if there is an ingredient I am not confident in, I research more. So, even when I received the containter with the muffins, I was a little intimidated. I read the label, smelled it, read the label again, looked at one closely and then I read the label and I ate it. The second reason is that I don’t want to enjoy something I can’t have. There are already so many foods that I can’t enjoy, foods that I LOVE. I don’t want to add to that list. Especially trying it and then realizing that I can’t have it, but REALLY wish I did. And already had my hopes up that I could. Needless to say, it’s a painful experience. I’ve been there before and try to avoid it.

These muffins were great!! Not only did they taste amazing, they didn’t make me sick! They tasted like regular chocolate chip muffins and didn’t have a funny texture or aftertaste! It wasn’t grainy or mealy, it wasn’t dry and it didn’t taste like cardboard or chemicals. It is a little sweet, but you would have to expect that from a muffin. Especially one made from Almond Meal. It wasn’t overwhelming and is easily manageable. If I didn’t read the labels, I would have sworn it was a regular muffin and that I was headed for certain death! But, it was even made with sugarless chocolate chips! I was so happy that I found something that tasted so good and I could have! My only recommendation is to have a glass of milk ready. Either Soy, Almond or Cow. It isn’t a necessity, but it definitely helps!

If you want to try them, which I recommend, here is where you can find them:

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