Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese 

Sometimes, the simplest food is the best! With my dietary restrictions, it can be hard to find foods that I can eat. I mean, that’s the reason I started this blog! But, every now and then there is something I can eat and I just fall in love with it. I would have to say this is one. I LOVE the taste of Roma tomatoes with cheese! I fell in love with Caprese over a decade ago. Now it’s more popular, but it still becomes harder to find. And sometimes Mozzarella can get a little pricey.

I love cottage cheese on Roma tomatoes! I started eating them some years ago and I have to tell you, it’s something I could eat all the time. It’s definitely a great combination and something that is filling and light! Sometimes I eat far too much of it and I have to try to monitor how much I make at one time. If you have similar restrictions to mine and your tummy doesn’t mind dairy, I think this is a great option. I even have it during the second half of my flare, when I can hold down foods. It isn’t as soft as silken tofu, but after you have graduated from the soft foods, this is a good transition into harder foods! Just remember that if you have GERD, which I also have, you may want to be conscious of all the acids. I don’t tend to have this problem after graduating from soft foods, but I know some people do and there are always exceptions, even if you generally don’t.

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