Tasty Bites Spinach Dal

I am a HUGE fan of Indian food! I mean, I really could live off Palak Paneer and Dal. So, when I saw this packet of Spinach Dal, I got curious. I mean, can it really be good if it is in a pouch? And I’m not expecting authentic or high end food in a bag. Just something I can eat, be satisfied and not feel like I got jipped or like it isn’t Indian food.

I have to say that I was really pleased with the food! It was a little watery for my taste, but most people heat it up and eat it with rice or bread, so I understand. I tend to just open the packets and eat them. They are great, whether you heat them up or not and they seem to have a decent shelf life! These are definitely something I could keep around as a snack or a meal for those flare days that you can’t cook or might not even be able to walk.

If you want to purchase them, you can usually find Tasty Bites in World Market, Target and most grocery stores. You can order them on Amazon, but it is a bit cheaper if you buy it in the store. But, if that is easier for you, here is the link:


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