*gasp* Birth Control??

Some women with IBS have problems with birth control. For me, the same happens with my menses. As soon as my hormones alter, I flare. There is not birth control pill I can take that doesn’t give me a migraine or cause a flare. So, what do you do? (if you don’t like talking about sex, this might be the best place to stop reading and skip this post)

Of course, condoms are an option. But, I also know that some people take chances not using them, because they compromise the “pleasure” of “intimacy”. So, this product helps offer a little piece of mind. It is a spermicide that you insert and it decreases the chance of pregnancy. Keep in mind that this won’t prevent pregnancy, one hundred percent. However, if you are “pulling out” this is an option to help you stay just that much safer. Make sure that you read all the instructions and all the risks. In reading the insert, I found that you have to insert it fairly accurately and it made me feel a little less sure of it’s effectiveness. This is why I recommend still pulling out AND using it.

If you don’t think this is a good option for you, consult a doctor and/or your partner to find one you think will. Don’t be afraid to have this conversation, it’s a very important one that needs to be had.

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